5 Best Air Purifiers for Large Rooms & Offices (2019)

A CNBC report in May 2018 listed out the top ten polluted cities in the world. This report based its findings on a comparison of the average PM2.5 present in the air.

As many as nine Indian cities found their names in this list. The only exception was Bamenda, a small town in Cameroon.

Best Air Purifiers

Kanpur led the pack with an annual average PM2.5 level of 173, way above the WHO recommendation of 10mcg per cubic metre.

Naturally, the outdoor air affects the quality of the air indoors as well thereby necessitating the use of air purifiers. Let us concentrate on the best air purifiers for large rooms and offices, say 500 sq ft or more.

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Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms, Office
1. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, Tower TP04
2. Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 60-Watt AreaSense Air Purifier
3. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier
4. Sharp FP-FM40E-B 33-Watt Air Purifier
5. Honeywell Air Touch-P 66-Watt Air Purifier
Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms, Office
1. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, Tower TP04
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The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier is a heavy-duty air purifier that can cater to the requirements of large bedrooms. Before going into a detailed review and discussing the functions of the air purifier, here is a synopsis of the features of this appliance.
Automatic sensors to detect air quality

Reports the levels on LCD screen and Dyson Link app in real time
360-degree glass HEPA filter
Tris impregnated Activated carbon filter
Patented Air Multiplier TM technology
350 degrees oscillation
Ideal for large bedrooms with a coverage area up to 600 sq ft
Energy efficient
Ten-speed settings available
Certified as Asthma and allergy friendly
Two years warranty
When you have an air purifier with such features, it has to be an expensive one. Yes, this air purifier is available for under ₹ 45,000, but you need such an appliance to take care of the high levels of pollution because PM2.5 particles can wreak havoc with your lungs.

This Dyson air purifier is the first and only air purifier that senses and displays the level of pollution in real time, both on the LCD screen and the Dyson Link app.

The purpose of reporting the level through an app is to enable you to control the air purifier through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Therefore, you can call this appliance as one of the most advanced air purifiers available in India.

This air purifier senses detects and reports air quality levels on four parameters, PM2.5, PM10, VOC, and NO2. You also get an air quality index update every twelve seconds along with a 24-hour AQI graph on the LCD screen.

The purification system comprises of a 360-degree vacuum sealed Glass HEPA, and a Tris impregnated activated carbon filter. The HEPA filter takes care of the allergens and other pollutants by capturing around 99.95% of microscopic particles whereas the activated carbon filter removes the odours, VOCs, and other gases.

The Dyson air purifier comes with a patented Air Multiplier technology capable of delivering over 290 litres per second of smooth airflow. Hence, this device is ideal for large rooms measuring 600 sq ft or even more. This appliance comes with customisable oscillation angles of up to 350 degrees thereby ensuring delivery of pure air to every corner of the room.

This air purifier makes the minimum noise. Hence, it is an ideal appliance to use at night. It also comes with a dimmed display.

The other attraction of this device is the draught-free diffused mode whereby the air delivery is through side vents. This purifier comes with bladeless fans that can keep the room cool in the hot summer months as well.

Changing the filters is easy. It comes with a built-in notification on both the LCD and the app. You get the alert when it is time to change the filters. The easily changeable filters make this air purifier a low-maintenance appliance. The appliance is complete with a curved and magnetised remote control unit that fits snugly on top of the machine.

Excellent performance
Facility to read real-time values of PM2.5, PM10, VOC, and NO2
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
Accessing through a mobile app is the highlight of its performance
Ideal for large rooms measuring 600 sq ft or more
Expensive, but very useful
The performance of the fan is not up to the mark
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to purify a 600 sq ft sized room?
Are the replacement filters available easily on the market?
Will this air purifier be sufficient for small rooms?

2. Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 60-Watt AreaSense Air Purifier
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The Philips 3000 Series air purifier is an improvement over the 2000 Series models in the sense that these air purifiers are ideal for the large bedrooms measuring more than 700 sq ft. A glance at the features of this air purifier will clarify things better.

HEPA type filter
Covers an area of a minimum of 818 sq ft
CADR of 376 m3 per hour
Eliminates PM2.5 pollutants
Two innovative modes, the Ultra-Silent Mode, and the Dedicated Special Allergen Mode
VitaShield IPS technology
Activated Carbon filters
Two years warranty on the product
The Philips 3000 Series air purifiers come with enhanced features like AreaSense and VitaShield IPS technology to enable you and your family breathe fresh and pure air irrespective of the quality of air outside.

The AreaSense technology measures and displays the real-time indoor air quality with its high-quality sensors whereas the VitaShield Intelligent Purification System eliminates 99.97% of allergens and ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02 microns.

This Philips air purifier comes with new NanoProtect S3 filters comprising of the following filters.

Pre-filters to stop the dust, pollen, animal hair, and other large pollutants in their tracks
Activated carbon filters for removing bad odours, VOC, and harmful gases like NO2
HEPA Layer 1 for eliminating bacteria using German technology
HEPA Layer 2 for taking care of minute pollutants like dust mites, pet dander, PM2.5, and viruses like H1N1, and so on
VitaShield IPS technology is handy for eliminating microparticles as small as 0.02 microns, 100 times smaller than PM2.5.

The AreaSense technology also calculates the lifespan of the filters depending on the level of indoor pollution, air flow, and operation time. The auto mode is a highlight of this air purifier. You can also pre-set the timing for turning off your purifier.

The Ultra-silent sleep mode allows your children and elderly persons in the house to sleep at ease. The presence of the child lock is a safety feature.

This purifier comes with an aerodynamic design and is easily portable. This system comes with user-friendly controls like the sensor-touch panel, dedicated light control, turbo mode, and so on. The specially designed air inlets ensure the highest degree of efficiency.

Ideal for rooms as large as even 800 sq ft
HEPA filter of the highest quality
AreaSense technology reduces the maintenance costs of the air purifier
User-friendly controls
Not suited for small rooms as you can experience a shortage of oxygen after a few hours
The outermost layer requires frequent cleaning for ensuring optimum performance
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you need to switch on the air purifier after a power cut manually?
Should you replace all the filters at the same time?
How long will the filter last?

3. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier
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The Dyson brand of air purifiers is one of the most efficient brands on the market. These appliances can be expensive, but they are worth the price. Some of the best features of the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi enables air purifier are as follows.

Intelligent purification
Patented Air multiplier technology
Dual functionality with fan feature
360 degree Glass HEPA filter
Tris Coated activated carbon filter
Facility to control the appliance through a Dyson Link app
Ten airspeed settings
Automatic monitoring
Dyson air purifiers can effectively remove 99.95% of particles as small as PM0.1. Dyson purifiers come with a lower face velocity with high-efficiency HEPA filters. In comparison, other air purifiers have high-face velocity forcing air through the filter thereby causing some of the pollutants to escape back into the room.

The Dyson air purifier comes with a Dyson Link app that monitors the indoor air quality thereby helping you to react accordingly. This purifier has a 360-degree Glass HEPA filter with Tris-coated activated carbon.

Dyson air purifiers come with Air Multiplier technology to ensure the highest level of air projection. The highlight of this appliance is that it comes with an oscillating feature that enables the device to deliver air throughout the room.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of United States of America has certified this air purifier as extremely effective in eliminating asthma and allergy-causing pollutants.

You can control the air purifier using the Dyson Link app. This purifier monitors the air quality and displays the same thereby allowing you to react accordingly.

Environmentally friendly air purifier
Patented air multiplier technology to deliver a higher level of purity
Ten-speed settings
Plug and play appliance, easy to install
Costs wise, it is expensive as compared to other purifiers, but it is worth the price
Frequently Asked Questions
Should you have an air humidifier along with the air purifier?
How long can the filter last before you change it?
How much does the filter cost?

4. Sharp FP-FM40E-B 33-Watt Air Purifier
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Sharp has always taken the lead in being innovative with their products. This air purifier is also different than the others. The features of the Sharp FP-FM40E-B air purifier are as follows.

This appliance is the world’s first air purifier to come with a mosquito catcher.
The Plasmacluster module is an ioniser type of air purifier
It can eliminate toxic gases in addition to pollutants
This air purifier works on the HEPA filter system
Certified as one of the safest and most effective of all air purifiers
Sharp has a reputation for being innovative with their products. The Plasmacluster technology is one such endeavour. This air purifier uses the Plasmacluster technology to remove threats due to air pollution thereby making the air pure for your family.

The unique feature of this Sharp air purifier is that it is the first air purifier in the industry that comes with a mosquito catcher. Hence, you get double benefits when you use this air purifier. It uses a simple technique to trap the mosquitoes.

The UV light and the enticing black colour of the appliance attract the mosquitoes.
The creatures find it easy to enter because of the ideal entrance design.
Once they enter, the powerful airflow and suction pull the mosquitoes towards the strong glue sheet from where escape is
This non-toxic procedure of capturing the mosquitoes appeals to parents having new-born children in their homes.

Laboratory tests have proved that the Sharp air purifier is exceptionally safe to use. At the same time, it is a highly effective appliance. The Plasmacluster generates fresh air by emitting positive and negative ions. The dust particles stick to these ions and fall to the ground.

This air purifier neutralises harmful gases and VOC. It also eliminates viruses and bacteria like the H1N1, E-Coli, and so on. The Sharp air purifier removes static electricity thereby helping in trapping dust particles and pollen. It also does not affect the humidity of the room.

The HEPA filter is one of the best methods to purify indoor air. This appliance can capture up to 99.97% of 0.3-micron dust particles. The HEPA filters can easily last up to two years depending on the extent of usage.

The non-toxic mosquito catcher arrangement is the highlight
The ioniser effect is an effective method of air purification
The HEPA filter is a high-quality filter
The appliance is on the heavier side and not easily portable
Frequently Asked Questions
How much area does this air purifier cover?
Should we replace the glue sheet frequently?
Do you get app support for this Sharp air purifier?

5. Honeywell Air Touch-P 66-Watt Air Purifier
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Honeywell is one of the reputed brands as far as small air purifiers are concerned. Usually, the Honeywell brands cater to small rooms. This particular model is ideal for the bigger bedrooms. Here are some of the salient features of this air purifier.

HEPA filter type air purifier
Covers an area of a minimum of 600 sq ft
CADR of 450 m3/hr
3000 hours of filter life
3-stage advanced filtration system
Washable Pre-filter
Combination of HEPA and HiSiv technology
User-friendly model
1-year warranty
Honeywell air purifiers work on the unique 3-stage filtration technique. The washable pre-filter traps the larger pollutants like the PM10 particles, animal hair, and pollen. The HEPA filter has the responsibility of eliminating PM2.5 particles, bacteria, and viruses. The patented HiSiv technology removes bad odour, VOC, formaldehyde, and so on to deliver pure air of the highest quality.

This Honeywell air purifier delivers air at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees. Hence, it is better to keep the air purifier about 30 cm from the wall to get optimum results.

The unique airflow design ensures a zero blind angle to provide optimum air suction. This purifier makes the least noise thereby proving to be a handy appliance to use in the night.

The filters have a life of nearly 3000 hours. It entails that you need not change the filters before at least one year. Replacing the filters is an easy task. The anti-fall base design protects the air purifier from accidental nudges and pushes.

This appliance is an intelligent device as it senses the air pollution in the room, and starts functioning once it detects any pollution. The sleek LED display panel makes it an easy appliance to handle. The filters do not come in contact with the exterior design. Hence, it is a safe air purifier.

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